Understand your data. View it on the map. Explain it to others.

We build products that enable you to visualise, analyse and communicate your data and plans

Our technology is designed around 'the user' - both you and your users - and elevates your location based data beyond the spreadsheet. It integrates your data into your chosen map source and allows the user to interact with both easily.


Supremely effective public engagement

Geovey allows your customers or communities to tell you what they *really* think by using the map as a “thought canvas”.


Delivering user friendly analytics and insight

Nautoguide deliver web based location analytics designed specifically for your application needs and targeted at non-technical users.

Case studies

Our work in action

From making streets clean through improving housing to reliving the lives of a lost generation of sailors. Our case studies show just *how* versatile our platform really is.

About Nautoguide

Nautoguide Ltd. are a British company providing hosted geospatial services to business customers across a wide range of industry sectors. Our cloud based systems enable our customers to develop rich applications that mix digital mapping with geospatial data and customised workflow.

We’ve invested years in understanding how digital maps are used in business and as a result have created a toolkit of client and server capability that allows us to quickly knit together “apps” that work across almost all platforms. Our services can be used to solve a specific problem, such as mapping a set of assets, or for creating rich map based services with connected workflow.

We know that many customers already have systems in place and hence have designed all of our services with integration in mind. Our maps can be easily embedded within websites or mobile apps, our API’s are simple to understand and work well in both client and server environments. Furthermore we understand that customers have to embrace change and hence we’ve ensured that every element of our platform is configurable to a client’s own particular taste, be it simple changes to a user interface element or the insertion of a highly complex workflow based upon tangled business logic.

Our Background

Nautoguide was founded by two directors who came from the fast moving industry of ID and data verification. Dave Barter and Richard Reynolds were responsible for the conception and creation of high volume transactional systems that needed to evolve quickly as the market change. They’ve applied this experience to Nautoguide and created a platform specifically aimed at flexibility and change.

Our Outlook

As a company we recognise the importance of giving as well as taking. We work closely with our local college and their work experience programme and regularly give placements to students wanting to learn how IT operates at the “coal face”. We’re big users of open source software and as contribute back with code and patches where we can. We’ve also released our own open source offerings with our JSQUEUE libraries being made available under the GPL.

At Nautoguide we love building maps and refuse to be tied in to any particular offering. We are contributors and users of Openstreetmap and have created a number of themes based upon this data. We also recognise the huge value of Ordnance Survey data in the UK. As licensed partners we are able to resell or integrate many of the OS commercial products and have a huge degree of expertise in the rendering of OS Opendata. We’re not averse to using Google or Bing maps either but often the larger offerings come with restrictions that our customers would rather avoid.

Contact Nautoguide

Talk to us and broaden your horizons

You can call NautoGuide directly on 01793 435274 or if you prefer to talk to us over email you can find us at info@nautoguide.com. If you want much more detail look us up at Companies House, NautoGuide Ltd. Company Number: 07989888. Our Swindon offices are located in the heart of the town centre just a few minutes walk from the railway and bus stations. If you used our API you’d know this already by sending the postcode “SN1 1PZ”.

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