Introducing GeoIA (Geospatial Insights & Analytics)

Distribute capability and turn ideas in to productivity

Maps and location based data offer hugely rich insights that can be used to model behaviour or make decisions. However, these insights are often hidden from users behind highly complex user interfaces or overly technical nomenclature.

We’re on a mission to change this. Working with our customers to create our platform we kept hearing this requirement over and over again:-

"This product should open the door to data visualisation for all members of 'the team' - regardless of their understanding of GIS"

We listened and created a platform designed to make location information and analytics simple and affordable. GeoIA was designed with this very simple, very specific principle in mind.

It was built to help alleviate the technical 'bottleneck' in a user group's productivity which often arises when GIS is involved. GeoIA enables a user without a strong understanding of GIS to perform fundamental tasks. It allows a GIS user to better distribute tasks to other members of a team. It’s there to assist with the complicated, sometimes daunting, visualisation problems.

It's for those varying skill sets that the product has been designed. If a product is to be of a benefit to a team, to a company or to an audience - it needs to be understood by the person using it as their tool. So, we've put our product in front of typical users with varying abilities and taken an iterative, 'start over from scratch if needed' approach to ensuring that what we roll out is fit for purpose - and easy to use.

The power that you want and as simple as you'd like it to be

GeoIA is a set of tools, templates and controls that meld with web map layers and spatial data to create simple, easy-to-use applications. It’s designed to render only the bits of business logic required by your users, removing confusing menus and configuration screens. The system can provide your users with as much or as little data as you require. It can hide complex reports behind simple easy to read charts. It can allow them to see highly detailed visualisations at a single click - with menu items that they can understand (at a glance) rather than complex GIS terminology.

Your ideas, your branding - your product

Furthermore GeoIA can carry your brand, your look and feel and your textual descriptions. This breeds familiarity and acceptance from your users rather than scaring them with yet another third party system to learn.

We know that GeoIA works as we’re working actively in Social Housing allowing landlords to view their properties overlaid upon demographic and housing specific data. In partnership with Housemark we’ve delivered a groundbreaking user friendly GIS designed entirely for the user and entirely housing specific.

What is it you would like to convey to your users or customers? We’re confident that our GeoIA platform can handle it. Why not get in touch to find out how.